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My name's Carey and I’m really pleased you’ve found this website - it’s taken many months of hard work to get it ready to share with you, so it’s very exciting to be writing the first blog! I hope there’ll be lots here to interest and inspire you - we're right at the start of an exciting journey and are just taking our first steps, but with your help Cast of Thousands is going to grow and grow, so please do get in touch to let us know which books you love and how you're using them to inspire the children you work with. You can post comments in the blogs and book features or message me on the Contact page. I’m also on facebook and instagram, so hope to chat to some of you very soon.

I’ve been working with children’s books for more than thirty years - everywhere from schools and shopping centres to museums, libraries and football grounds - and during that time it’s been my privilege to meet and work alongside hundreds of teachers, parents and other educators who’ve shared their enthusiasm, knowledge and insights with such kindness and generosity. I know how powerful a really good book can be – how it can grab a child’s attention and transport them somewhere irresistible, how it can open their minds to new ideas and motivate them to do amazing things – so I’ve always tried to promote the books I believe in and help people who guide children’s reading and learning. And when it became possible to set up a website to do just that, I jumped at the chance.

Whether you’re opening hearts and minds to the power and pleasure of a good story, showing kids how to find out about their world or helping them learn through exploration and investigation, books can have such a positive impact on learning and development

Here at Cast of Thousands you'll find a selection of book features where I'll be taking an in-depth look at individual titles, bringing you information about the book and its creators along with ideas for cross-curricular activities. Most of the books featured will be illustrated and many will be picturebooks, but that doesn’t mean this site is focused on the very young. I’ll be choosing picturebooks that older children will enjoy and respond to - books that are works of art in their own right, with the knack of getting right to the heart of complex subjects in a way that is immensely appealing yet offers the potential for real insight and growth, and will more than repay time spent in their company.

Alongside the features will be this blog, where I’ll be meeting and talking to educators taking innovative approaches to book-inspired learning, and interviewing the authors and illustrators who create the books we love. I’ll also be talking to the people in publishing companies, libraries and bookshops who work so hard to ensure those books are published in great-looking packages and are brought to the attention of children and their families so everyone can share the magic.

Browse and enjoy... and don’t forget to let me know what’s worked for you and what you’d like to read about!

With many good wishes to you all, wherever you may be



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Thu 04 Mar 2021



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